Your rival sibling has finally crossed the line and done the unthinkable...kidnap your family! As Mike, a super buff but also very humble fighter, you must rescue your wife and son from the hands of your arrogant brother Jey, even if it means beating down hundreds of his cronies!

Brother's Revenge is an addicting beat 'em up that pays homage to classic side-scrollers like Streets of Rage and Double Dragon! Play through 9 challenging stages where you'll punch and kick countless enemies, including a tough boss at the end! Use your special attacks like the Power Spin and Earthquake to devastate enemies, or grab over a dozen different objects like trash cans and crates to smash over their heads! Make sure you grab cash to buy upgrade your combos, special moves, and more, all while unlocking new achievements and earning a higher leader-board ranking!

Play Brother's Revenge and start the rescue today!


  • Action-packed beat 'em up with amazing controls and engaging gameplay!
  • Defeat tons of enemies and bosses with amazing combos and special attacks!
  • Collect money to buy items and make Mike an even better fighting machine!
  • 9 stages and bosses set in 4 unique places like cities, castles, and more!
  • Show off your leader-board ranking and unlock all the achievements!
  • We appreciate any and all suggestions or inquiries about our game!

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